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Back after quite a long time!

2012-11-06 11:32:57 by Meffaliss

Hello! It's me Meffaliss and I am back on Newgrounds, well ok not completely.

The reason why I am back for a short time is that I uploaded a new loop in the music section called Mechanical Assembly Line. It's mainly a test loop made with pxTone and you know, I had some posite feed back from friends, so I decided to seek other comments on it on the ever mystifying world wide web!

So if you wish to listen to it, it's on my profile, and as always, comments are very appreciated.

Well that's about it right now, nothing special going on that is worth mentioning.

Well then,
Have a great day!



2010-04-22 18:35:14 by Meffaliss

It'S been a while since i last got on Newgrounds, so here's something i would like to say :3

I one of the top 50 best players of Super StarDust Portable around the world since i last posted my highscore :3
If yo uare wondering what,s my nick, it's Meffaliss.

Back on for awhile/New game announced OoO

2009-06-08 16:45:57 by Meffaliss

I haven't made a post a long time ago...
so, i haven't been on for awhile because
1: My computer somewhat glitches up on newgrounds and i can't log on, post things, rate, or any of those things.
2: i am not allowed to download an second web browser
3: The wiiweb browser is slow, and the DSi web browser is slower.

I am using my gran-mother's computer and for about 2 weeks.

So, the real reason why i am posting, is that my team, Dark Factory Co. (c), we are planning to make a remake of my first platformer game ever and I want to tell everyone that we are going to make it, someday, when i'll be better at programing,which i am currently studying...

The game is still under planning and we did not made any beta, demo, or ANY of the game's first looks, not even screen shots, not even sprites, NOTHING.

So, the game will be entitle Medieval Story: Adventure, it is alsogoing to be a platformer , but we are aiming at improving the codes, graphics, and everything that made the original was half unplayable the first tiem and then became unplayable after someone tried to correct it.

We hope that we will be able to start making the game as soon as i can program with better codes, 'cause i'm the animator and programer too.

Please let me know about ideas you that you would want us to include in the game

Have a nice day, and havea a great time as well

Meffaliss, Dark Factory Co. (c) 's Programer/ Animator/ Creater of D.F.C (c)

craptastic, no more website :(

2009-04-13 16:51:42 by Meffaliss

omg..I just noticed that..i won't be able to do my wevsite anymore :(
Too much trouble..i won't be able to update it if i make it...*big problem*
I just wonder if dreamweaver stuff are compatible with windows publishing...thingy software...
*sigh*, guess my of dream of making a website is over...Y.Y


2009-04-05 14:15:09 by Meffaliss

I was thinking of doings a few voice acting...but my computer is old adn i don't think they still sell microphones for i bet they do....If i can do voice acting, i would love to help people in flash..if they want to....*stares at nowhere* if someone wants like..a dumb voice...for their flash movie or game, that'd be hope i can afford a microphone like that....*lowers head*
ANYWHO...I'll think about buying a microphone..and then i'll record myself for people who wants me to talk for a character for their flash movie and stuff :3




2009-04-01 19:03:27 by Meffaliss



2009-03-26 22:48:09 by Meffaliss

Woohoo! i am going to post my web site soon! With the games i was able to put and stuff like that! a usuless wb site for some lol...Thank you people who never read my stuff!....i really gotta stop posting stuff...


2009-03-05 22:52:03 by Meffaliss

Hey if anyone reads this, just don't think i post alot of news ok? Just to say i cannot work on Medieval Story anymore, my computer is completly SUCKAGED... Sooo i'll have to find a way out so i can repair all the glitches which makes my game virtualy unplayable fixed....*sigh* I know what's the problem , but when i save, my computer just freezes...(GOD WHY DOES MP3 FILES HAS TO TAKE SO MUCH F***ING SPACE!?!)...Anyway...If you are curious about my game, just send me a little mail ...i'll be glad to hear about people's questions and stuff what they want to say, and i'll block ANY spammers. I hate people abusing of my time. I can only call em douche bags.

A single tear can destroy an entire world...


2009-03-04 20:32:36 by Meffaliss

i have a game named "Medieval story" Which as my little image with Menoa as you see there up...(maybe it will be changed...) So it has a crapload of bugs, but i know how to fix it....and i plan to convert MIDI files in order to make the gaame ruun smoother...i made the game along time ago, and i bet nobody wants to play it or encourage me to finish it..but, if anybody wants eme to correct the bugs...i will....( AND HERE'S A SCREEN SHOT OF MY OTHWER GAME THAT IS THE SHOOT-EM-UP :3) (and it sucks for now 'cause i can't finish it...)


Can't, just can't

2009-03-04 20:26:53 by Meffaliss

UNfortunatly, if anyone wants me to make a flash game or animation, i can't, why? 'cause i don't have adobe(or macromedia..whatever) flash ...or something like that...i can't buy because first, my computer is terrible and secons, i don't have the money to afford it! Anyway...If i can ..i could ask my teacher if i could have a 90-day trial...or do one flash stuff at school...anyway, I already made games...but by folowing the newgrounds' rules i am not allowed to tell an about an other site..or am i allowed? i dunno...So...just personaly ask me if you wanna play them, i have one under work and i stoped working on it because i don't know how to make a shoot-em-up game the right way and i'm just depressed...Sooooothat's all i have to say for now...have a terrible nightmare everyone....